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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

The management of Mar Elias College ,Kottappady (Kalkunnel Mar Geevarghese Sahada Trust-) has implemented  the  following  rules  and  regulations  in  order  to  facilitates  the  smooth  and  effective functioning  of  the college.

1. All students in the college shall co-operate with college authorites and St.George Public School authorities to ensure maintenances of discipline in the college and college campus.

2. The use of mobile phone by the students in college and college campus is strictly banned.

3. All Strikes, demonstrations, agitations, dharanas, harthals etc are banned in the college campus. Students who violate the above rule will be dismissed from the college summarily.

4.  Political activities are strictly banned in the college campus. Students are prohibted from organsing and /or taking part in any meeting (political or any other) in the college campus.

5. No student shall bring into the college campus any   banner, flag, board, notices, pamphlet etc or other such material for the purpose of any political activity

6. Students should attend classes regularly and secure a minimum of 75% attendance in order to be eligible to appear for the university examinations. For absence on any day, application for leave for the period of absence shall be submitted to the class teacher.

7. P.T.A meetings are held regularly and parents must compulsorily attend these meetings.

8. Students coming by motor bikes must posses a valid driving license use helmet and must avoid over speed and overload.

9. During the college timing -10 a.m to 3.45 pm. Students are not allowed to go outside the college campus. In cases of any urgency permission must be taken from the class teacher.

10. Dress code – Students are expected to dress modestly. Tights, minis, flimsy clothes, short tops, sleeveless and deep necklines will not be allowed. Students who do not adhere to the rules will be seriously dealt with including removal from the rolls.

11. No student shall leave a class without the permission of the Lecturer.

12. Megaphone, loudspeakers etc. shall not be used and posters, boards should not be put up in the campus without the express permission of the principal. Students shall not carry or use mobile phones in the campus.

13. Loss or damage caused to building, furniture, tools and apparatus of the College due to violent action of students will be made good by imposing collective fines on all the students of the college.

14. No meeting is to be held in the College buildings or in the College premises without the permission of the principal.

15. As per the Kerala Ragging Prohibition Act 1998, the college strictly prohibits any ragging in the campus.

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