About our Patron Saint Mor Ignatios Elias III (1867 –1932)

Mor Ignatios Elias III (1867 –1932) was the 119th legitimate successor to St. Peter on the Holy Patriarchal See of Antioch. Mor Elias III was the last Patriarch to reign at the Kurkmo Dayro in Mardin Turkey, During World War I, the Patriarch was forced to leave Mardin. In the aftermath of the Saypho massacres, Mor Elias III undertook pastoral tours in the Middle East, the first in 1919 and the second in 1925. On February 11, 1932, at the invitation of Qashisho Kuriakos Elavinamannil, the Patriarch arrived at the Manjinikkara Mor Stephanos church from Kallissery. Despite failing to end the schism, Elias remained in India until February 1932 when he died at the Church of St. Stephen in Manjanikkara, near Omallur on 13 February. The memory of the holy Patriarch is in Malankara where thousands of pilgrims reach the tomb by foot on the annual feast day, February 13, from various parts of the Kerala state.

About "Kalkuriz Pally"

Patriarch of Antioch is a traditional title held by the Bishop of Antioch As the traditional "overseer" of the first gentile Christian community, the position has been of prime importance in the church from its earliest period. This diocese is the largest among Christians, for which the names of its bishops from the apostolic beginnings have been preserved.Kalkunnel Mar Geevarghse Sahadha Jacobite Church Kottappady has a membership of more than 600 families is under the Angamali diocese, the largest diocese in the Malankara Syrian Church. It is governed in temporal matters by Elected parish members with constitution, its spiritual matters are guided by the Metropolitan of Angamali Diocese. In 1907, Devotees of Kottappady and near places established a Cross with Stone and (In Malyalam “Kalkurize”) started praying and later the church was build at Kottappady as a temporary Chapel. In 1914 the Metropolitan of Aluva , Athanasious Thirumeni rebuild this Church. In 2015 the church is renovated with more facilities. Click to view Kalkunnel Mor Geevarghese Sahadha Church


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