Department of Tourism and Travel Management

Department of Tourism and Travel Management


The travel and tourism industry has been booming lately. More and more people are opting for visiting places across the globe. With onset of tourism and travel industry managing travel has been eased out a lot, which earlier felt to be a herculean task. Masters programme in tourism and travel management is designed to produce senior management travel tourism and travel professionals who with their expertise can serve both private and public institutions.

Course Offered

MTTM(Master of Tourism and Travel Management)

Allotted Seats - 20


The programme imparts candidates knowledge of the day to day working of the industry and the operations carried out at the management level.Candidates gain a practical view of the concepts and skills applied to the crisis management, conduct market research as well building sustainable tourism management through imparting real life work scenario.


To create professionals with leadership skill to administrator and manage business units in different tourism and hospitality sector.